Elbarbary Autocare is an ambitious, dedicated company that provides after-sales services for the automobile market in and out of Sudan.

The company has developed in Sudan a solid customer service department and continues to improve its services tailored around its clients’ needs.

Elbarbary Autocare goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations of the after-sale services provided and products offered. The company provides outstanding customer services catering for all the clients’ needs, guided by extremely experienced and well trained staff with unique customer focus.

Elbarbary Autocare offers premier products recognised globally for its durability, great value and exceptional performance such as Hyundai Enercell ,Gulf Oil and Goodyear Tyres.

Elbarbary Autocare partners constantly with innovative companies to transfer knowledge to the Sudanese market in order to improve their daily lives as well as their commute.


“We provide great visibility for inspecting overhead distribution lines, Trading handles exceptionally well”.



Elbarbary Autocare is a company that has great experience in the automobile market not only in Sudan but the continent as a whole too.

Throughout the years, Elbarbary Autocare has never forgotten its core values which has led the company towards success, year after year. The company constantly incorporates its values into its various services provided to create a unique journey and a great experience for all.

Elbarbary Autocare staff members are at the forefronts of the company and they are responsible for showcasing these values of innovation, integrity, honesty and passion while offering our clients various solutions to cater for their needs. Elbarbary Autocare staff are considered family members who share our vision and fully understand the importance of working hard towards providing the best quality services and products to the Sudanese consumer.

What We Do

Elbarbary Autocare provides elite after-sale services and premier products for the automobile market; which are:

* Providing batteries to fulfil the needs of the market including; small cars, trucks as well as the industrial sector

* Offering oil to fulfill various needs such as machines, hydraulics and brakes for commercial cars as well as trucks

* Offering various tyres for heavy vehicles, trucks,buses, 4-wheel-drive as well as passenger cars


Our Services




HYUNDAI ENERCELL is a highly reliable automotive battery series that satisfies car lovers from all over the world and under any circumstance.




Goodyear provides high quality tyres in the Sudanese market where the consumers get to experience excellence in performance and durability


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